Experience Design Researcher

I develop better solutions by peeling apart experiences to reveal user needs

example projects

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Home-based field study to inform the design direction of a consumer product that created a new product category. 


My team of three conducted in-home contextual interviews using two foam prototypes which closely approximated the intended look, size, and features of the new product. 

My Role

I was the Lead User Researcher for a series of projects spanning 2 years.

Main Goal

Inform design of product before going to market.


Co-developed a new methodology to collect and analyze data about experience.

My Role

Co-developer on a team of three.

Main Goal

Provide organizations with a way to measure and understand the overall experience. 

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Two phase interview project with internal stakeholders, prospects, and customers remotely with participants in Japan, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.

My Role

Main Goal

I was the Lead User Researcher for the 8 week project.

Better understand challenges concerning integrating technology in ed-tech.

I've also done user research with:




Biogen Idec 


Boston Scientific


Dell EMC

Hearst Media

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Using a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods I work with designers, developers, and fellow researchers to understand and improve experiences.


For some projects this involves tinkering with existing products and services and for others it is defining a new experience or reimagine what is possible.

Conducting research with human subjects has its challenges and I have proactively worked closely with IRB to uphold moral and ethical standards for research. My participants well being is at the center of all research I conduct.  


I am passionate about collecting and reporting data in novel ways. My goal is to take the mystery out of human centered design research allowing others to see first hand the value of research. It's amazing to see what we learn by asking questions and keeping an open mind.