I'm Heather,
 nice to meet you.

I am focused on improving experiences and using the user's perspective as the lens through which an experience is seen.


User research takes many forms depending on the goals and stage of development. Some of my favorite methods for collecting data include remote interviews, contextual inquiry, user flows, and co-creation.

How I got started in user research

I'm solution oriented and continuously noticing how the world around us can be improved. UX Design and Research allows me to come up with solutions for less than optimal situations.


I first discovered UX working in the photo department at Pearson. I was tracking thousands of images and their rights and permissions. I inherited a tracking system that didn't even have thumbnails! After I customized the photo databases to locate images more easily I saw the positive impact efficiency and ease of use-  I was hooked. I knew then that I wanted to work to make things easier to use. 

I returned to school to study human factors in information design at Bentley Univ. to get a deep understanding of the of science behind human interactions and perception. 

For me, user research is a perfect blend of anticipation, planning ahead, curiosity, and connecting the dots.

My work has an impact on people's lives in small and large ways. It's great to be focused on ideas for solving challenges.


I am keenly aware of business goals and continuously looking for opportunities to demonstrate the ROI of User Experience and I strive to make a positive impact.

What I've been working on 

From Finance and Banking to E-Commerce and Higher Ed I've designed and conducted research studies to gather information and inform the design to improve websites, content management systems, internal systems, products and device interfaces.

I've worked as a staff member in a variety of settings including: a large multi-national corporation, public elementary and secondary schools, as well as university.

I've been a UX consultant providing UX services to organizations across industries. I've interviewed users of all different stripes from Cardiologist to online shoppers. Recently I conducted a survey to validate an early stage e-commerce concept  and created instructional videos related to teaching UX fundamentals.

What I'm curious about

I am not the user and I'm always interested in learning what makes a user tick so that experiences can be improved. 

Figuring out new ways to collect data and reveal insights about experiences excites me. It's rewarding when I help others understand the user better and make more informed design choices.

Contact me

Email me at: heatherwrightkarlson@gmail.com or call me at 978-505-1761

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