Multi-phase Redesign Project

During a multi phase project my team and I mapped out user flow diagrams for various system processes for a complex regulatory software system.


Update a complex an outdated system which individuals interact with in order to follow government regulations and assure laws regarding equal access for all is upheld.


  1. We reviewed work done on previous phases on the project including interview recordings of interviews with users, reviewed the personas, walked through the system and documented the very complex user flow.

  2. From the user flow we worked with the client to identify which screens and high priority parts of the system to redesign.

  3. Brainstormed solutions and sketched up ideas for redesigns on paper. 

  4. Iterated and designed preliminary drafts of the corresponding wireframes.

  5. Drafted the redesigns as wireframes making them clickable and test ready.

  6. Reviewed wireframes with client and included annotations including the rational for the design choices made on the wireframes.

  7. Handed off our wireframes to be tested by another team and observed the testing sessions.

  8. Updated the wireframes based on the findings and recommendations made by the researchers who tested our designs.

  9. Presented wireframes to the client along with accompanying annotations for implementation.


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