I'm a user experience researcher and designer who has worked with clients across industries.


From finance and banking to ecommerce and universities I've designed and conducted research studies to gather information and inform the design to improve websites, content management systems, internal systems, products and device interfaces.


Improving an experience so that it works well is what I enjoy most.


Designing products and interface interactions that are natural and efficient is what fuels my wondering, piques my curiosity, and keeps me asking, why? I am continually looking for solutions and trying to understand why.


My Background

The unique combination of skills and experience I bring to the table makes me a thorough researcher who works through questions and research in a thoughtful way while keeping my eye on the goal and end point.


I am keenly aware of business goals and continuously looking for opportunities to demonstrate the ROI of User Experience


Working in a  variety of settings including: a large multi-national corporation, schools, as well as a university setting has taught me to be flexible and how to effectively collaborate with many different types of people in a variety of roles.


I have worked with C-level executives, special needs students, graphic designers, project management, manufacturing, editors, vendors, and many people in between. I look for and find common ground to establish, build, and maintain successful collaborative relationships.

Visual Literacy

I enjoy expressing ideas and concepts using visual representations and love to quickly boil it down to get to the heart of the matter. I am well versed in visual design principles and the elements that comprise a well designed visual and have photographed weddings, people, and events and practiced the art of performing in high pressure environment with all kinds of people. Check out a sample of my photography.


By designing to match the capability of human perceptual and cognitive processing the experiences we create can optimize the experience people have. From micro-interactions to overarching concepts, and everything in between- I'm passionate about using UX research to inform decisions for moving forward with the evolution of a product or idea.


The most satisfying and successful projects that I have worked on have been successful because of the teams and talented individuals I've had the opportunity to collaborate with. 


It's most satisfying when a recommendation I've made improves an interaction and makes a product or interface easier to use!





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