Experience Scorecard


  • Organizations often came to the consultancy: 

    • focused on design details or usability performance on a few key tasks

    • Struggling to understand the big picture of the overall experience

    • Seeking to see the bigger picture but didn't have a tool to provide this information or the process was lengthy and costly.​


  • Help clients answer three fundamental questions

    • How are we doing?

    • What do we need to improve?

    • How do we compare?

  • Make data more accessible

  • Foster cross team buy-in

  • Help clients get a better understanding of the experience overall 

  • Help clients identify underperforming areas and opportunities

  • Drive change


  • Collaborated on a team of three to develop methodology, collect and analyze pilot data about experience in four key areas to create a User Experience Scorecard:


    • EMOTION 

    • BRAND 


 World Usability Congress, Presentation: Development of an Experience Scorecard (2020) 

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