I am a UX Researcher & Designer who uses Human centered design research to improve products, interfaces, and services.  
Hi. I'm Heather.

We begin with discussions around study goals. Asking questions is critical to understanding the approach and methods that will be most effective in meeting research goals and how to design a study.


UX Research is valuable at all stages of development and my research ranges from early exploratory interviews to evaluations of highly stylized sites and products to designs in stages in-between.

I promote an inclusive data collection process where the research team and client share the experience of hearing user feedback and often collaborate in the initial synthesis and analysis of the data.


Collaboration results in deeper insights for clients and allows the research team to better understand client context and limitations which results in more actionable recommendations.

Each study is custom designed to provide data that:

  • Reveals new insights from the users of a product/site/service 

  • Informs the design direction

  • Includes actionable design recommendations

Remote Usability Studies

Heuristic Reviews

In-person Lab-based Usability Studies


In-person Interviews

Remote Interviews


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