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Department of Defense Hackathon - Combat Feeding Mobile Apps

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We were lucky to have a couple of former soldiers in our group and conducted user interviews. My role was UX Research and Design and I asked questions about their experience with the MREs in the field.



Interview questions focusing on the soldier's experience with MREs in the field and included:

  • How many meals do you eat?

  • How do you pick out MRE meals?

  • How much time do you typically have to eat?

  • When you trade MRE items when do you do this?

  • How much time do you have?

  • What would be useful for you as a soldier?



We developed the concept for our app using whiteboard wireframing and settled on a design solution that is intentionally simple and allows the soldiers to:


  • Find the nutritional information for individual components of MREs

  • Track the calorie and nutritional intake daily based on MRE consumption

  • Trade with fellow soldiers for individual items within the app



Our Submission



With 24 hours, a group of programmers, UX Designers/Researchers and non technical contributors were challenged to create an app that would make it easier for US soldiers to track their nutrition when consuming MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat)



  • UX Research and Design

  • Collaborate with developers and non-technical contributors

  • Design final home screen design

  • Design presentation 



  • Meet the requirements of the Department of Defenses challenge

  • Make it useful and simple for soldiers in the field to use

  • Complete the challenge within 24 hours


Prototype of a mobile solution that allowed soliders to track their caloric intake and trade MREs since research we conducted discovered that MRE trading is common place among the soldiers who comsume MREs.



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