A great problem-solver, she never raised an issue without offering a solution. -Colleague

"I was deeply impressed with her insights and attention to detail. Heather stood out as someone who could identify gaps in problem spaces and come up with solutions that no-one else could see, often asking questions that led to “a-ha” moments for the team. She collaborated well with others and would be a solid addition to any team lucky enough to have her." -Manager

She partnered with us to ensure the test was structured to collect the most information possible and her team moderated the sessions as if they had worked in the medical device industry for years ! As a 15 year veteran of the med device industry,  I was impressed by her ability to quickly understand our products, as well as each of the medical specialty audiences and the way they speak about their information needs.   -Client, Medical Devices

Heather is a personal, self motivated, and inquisitive individual who uses her creative talents in all her tasks...From the first day, she worked to streamline our workflow and took the initiative to suggest and incorporate new methodologies.  -Manager

Heather works extremely well with others, cooperates with her peers, and takes guidance from her mentors in such a manner that exhibits maturity and the ability to achieve her educational and professional goals. She is a deeply and effectively committed to learning and making an innovative contribution to a challenging position of employment.  - Advisor, Faculty Chair, Director, Interdisciplinary Arts Program, NYU

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