Two Phase Global Interview Project

This study was for an international content provider


Phase I:  international internal stakeholders interviews.

Phase II: a series of interviews with customers/potential customers worldwide.



Goal was to learn how our client's customers and potential customers are using technology and digital materials as well as what systems they are currently using and the current challenges they are facing concerning integrating technology into their workspaces.



Interviews with internal stakeholders resulted in identifying internal priorities and geographically specific challenges. The interviews with customers identified previously unknown painpoints, opportunities for partnerships, and a consolidation of knowledge of what is being done GLOBALLY. This study was the first study conducted for this international client to gather data from contacts around the world. 


The findings from this research revealed for the first time a global perspective on the current and anticipated needs for technology as well as the potential opportunities to meet these needs and position themselves ahead of the market.


Strategic recommendations were made to the client and included data from internal leaders and stakeholders as well as high priority external customers and markets.


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