Usability - Product Maintenance


Make it easy for users complete maintenance on a product and understand barriers to use to inform design improvements.


  • My team devised a customized usability study of a maintenance process in order to inform the design direction.

  • We collected data about a product maintenance process and made recommendations based on technical limitations.


  • Gather feedback from users on the pain points in the maintenance process.

  • Improve the maintenance process that was designed based on the products capabilities without input from users.


30 minutes elapsed 

  • The estimate of 20 minutes did not match the actual elapsed time.

  • Technical limitations of machine and the dot matrix display prevented the display of the exact time remaining in the process​.

  • Users were unclear how many steps were in the process, how much time remained, and what to do next and in some cases thought the machine was broken.

Design Recommendations 

30 minutes elapsed 

Within the limitations of 2"x 3" dot matrix display the design recommendation included elements that would:

  • Display three distinct phases and the user's current progress.

  • Aid users in understanding​ of the process by adding unique names for each of the phases (i.e. Pre-wash, Wash, Rinse)

  • Notify users that the machine is ready to be used once the maintenance is complete.

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