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Stage 1: Planning

Gather information about Barbaro Industries

Meet with stakeholder and define goals for study

Finalize Project Goals

Determine Research method that best aligns with goals

Define users

Create Research Protocol


Stage 2: Conducting Study

Conduct six (6) Interviews with users of online clothing shopping.


Stage 3: Analysis

  • Affinity Diagram Each of the six (6) users was assigned a color data was connected to different stages of the clothing shopping experience in order to align with the research goals

  • Data was grouped by stages in the current shopping experience including before and after purchase of clothing

  • Data was also collected surrounding user’s ideas surrounding the future experience of online clothing shopping.

Stage 4: Reporting

Final deliverable document included goals, user population defined, method chart, schedule, budget, protocol, Executive summary, Analysis and Recommendations, and an updated user population based on study findings, and next steps.

The Client: Barbaro Industries


The Challenge: Barbaro Industries  was currently working on ways to innovate the online clothing shopping experience.


My role: Conduct a research study, exploratory in nature, using a valid research method of my choice and include rationale for my approach.


The process:


  • Meet with stakeholder and define goals

  • Determine research best methods

  • Design and prepare Protocol 

  • Data Collection

  • Interviews with defined user group

Data Analysis

  • Affinity diagrams

  • Data review for patterns, recurring themes, pain points, areas of success, unmet needs among others. 

  • Reporting findings and recommendations to Barbaro Industries regarding.

  • Report on current experience of online clothing shopping

  • Identify future implications and opportunities

  • Make recommendations for next steps.

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